Complex Law Services



  • 01-obchodni

    Commercial law

    • Comprehensive services in corporate law and cooperatives
    • Foundation and changes of companies and cooperatives
    • Transfers of shares, stocks and other types of securities
    • Preparation and evaluation of all kinds of commercial contracts
    • Enforcement of contractual obligations and creditors’ claims
    • Complete creation of insolvency proposals including representation in insolvency proceedings
    • Judicial and non-judicial resolution of disputes arising from contractual relations
    • Legal due diligence
  • 02-obcanske

    Civil law

    • Contract law
    • Representation in court and arbitration proceedings in civil cases
    • Heirship law
    • Co-ownership, community property, owner of the building declaration
    • Lease and sublease of land and buildings, apartments and commercial space
    • Personal rights – the protection of life and health, civic honour and human dignity
    • Liens and encumbrances
    • Compensatory damages and unjust enrichment
    • Legal capacity
    • Sports law
  • 03-nemovitosti

    Real estate law

    • Complete preparation of contractual documentation for acquisition and sale of real estate (purchase agreement, agreement on a future purchase, mortgage and loan contracts, easement)
    • Real estate financing solutions, developer projects
    • Providing law services to real estate agents
    • Ownership, co-ownershop, owner of the building declaration on definition of the dwelling units
    • Preparation and drafting of lease agreements, their changes and termination
    • Legal representation in court, at arbitration and administrative bodies in disputes related to real estate
    • Depositing of money, deeds, securities and other property
  • 04-pracovni

    Labour law

    • Preparation and drafting of employment contracts, work agreements, contracts of services, payroll deduction agreement, conditions of employment, wage laws etc.
    • Employers’ Labour agenda – complex services
    • Representation in court in disputes related on labour law
    • Employment contract claims
  • 05-rodinne

    Family law

    • Divorce proceedings
    • Dissolution of marriage with children with dependant or minor children
    • Termination, limitation and suspension of parental rights
    • Maintenance of minor and adult children, spouses alimony and alimony after divorce
    • Determination and denial of paternity
    • Preparation and drafting of prenuptial agreements
    • Settlement of marital property
  • 06-spravni

    Administrative law

    • Representation and advisory in the field of administrative law, at trade licensing offices, civil engineering offices or customs offices
    • Infractions act
    • Construction management
    • Public procurement
    • Judicial review of administrative decisions